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Dates TBD - Channeling Love/Evading Fear

  • beam and anchor 2710 North Interstate Avenue Portland, OR, 97227 United States (map)

On an essential level, at our very core, we are all fundamentally comprised of love. Our very beingness is consciousness itself, directly connected to the greater collective consciousness of the Universe. If we are open channels then we naturally transmit and transmute messages of truth from a larger body of awareness that we can apply on a granular level to our own lives and on a more macro scale to the larger framework of reality and human experience. The reality is, however, that we inhabit physical bodies that are subject to an onslaught of conditioning and misinformation that clouds and distorts our ability to be conduits of love. I offer up this class as a means to come into contact with your essential beingness through very intentional guided meditation, focused self-inquiry and creative process. By steeping ourselves in who we truly are (beings of light) and creating from this place, we begin to externalize the patterns of fear playing out and congruently, the path out of and beyond these antiquated ways of being begins to emerge. While we know that “love is the way”, we each need to come to this in our own personal, subjective way. There is no “one size fits all” option. By creating space to engage our deepest selves and then deeply listen to what it has to say, we can begin the process of shifting our orientation and modus operandi from fear to love. -- cost $525 - includes materials

Channeling Love/Evading Fear
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6 weeks from 4:00pm -6:30pm

To be announced