Brother David on Gratefulness

I had the great privilege of spending a weekend with Brother David at a retreat at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe NM about ten years ago. He's one of those people that is so connected to the source of life that you can't help but experience a little transference of his joy and inner peace. 

Please listen to his TED talk here.  And/or listen to his interview with Krista Tippett here

"We must acknowledge our anxiety but not entertain our fear. There is a great difference. Anxiety comes from a root that means narrowness or choking. Our original anxiety is our birth anxiety. Birth is a life and death struggle for baby and mom. At that time, we do it fearlessly because fear is the resistance and trust allows the birth to occur. Anxiety is a reasonable response to what's happening right now and we must affirm it because to deny it or fear it is to resist it. Anxiety is part of life. The worst tight spots in our lives end up revealing themselves as a whole new beginning. This is the tightest spot our world has ever been in but if we go with it and not resist, we will have a new birth. Anxiety has a way of paralyzing us but it's not the anxiety, it's the fear. Everything hinges on trusting in life. With this faith, we can go into our anxiety and see it as just another birth into greater fullness."      -Brother David