My Creative Process

I have been making art since I was a little girl. My mother would buy me sketchbook after sketchbook in which I would record my dream world in images and symbols. Being a decent artist bolstered my confidence as an adolescent when there was a lack of material to tether my sense of self to. I received my undergraduate degree in art education and taught the discipline of art - a phase that called me to be a creative generalist so I could provide my students with the full scope of the creative process. My masters degree required me to finally flesh out my creative process in a deep way and it was during that time that I organically came to rely on my painting process as a spiritual practice as well.

I have been painting in a mixed-media, large scale, abstract expressionistic style ever since and it continues to offer me a sanctuary away from my busy mind and hectic life. Each piece offers it's own message - much more implicit than explicit yet they all seem to tell a similar story in that they're not about the world of particulars. I am reminded continually through my painting practice that it is through the gritty material world of relationship, suffering, heartbreak, joy and growth that we come to discover that underneath all the busyness and noise is the eternal yet paradoxically ephemeral nature of love. An experience we can only truly inhabit by existing solely in the present moment. A place my paintings always call me to be.