Creativity And the Everyday Brain - Rex Jung

"Existential Neuropsychologist", Rex Jung says "the most surprising and gratifying thing is that one of our hypothesis is supported: the fact that creativity looks different from intelligence in the brain. With the brain networks connected to intelligence, the back and front of the brain are integrated in order for intelligence to work - more is better with intelligence - more neurons and more connectivity is what you want with intelligence. With creative capability in the frontal lobe specifically, less is better: less connection, etc. thus allowing a freer interplay in the brain for networks to connect. With creativity it's a slower more meandering process. Down regulation of frontal lobes allows ideas to link together in surprising ways." 

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This is such important information because in order to foster our creativity, we must give ourselves the space to let our thoughts meander, we must allow ourselves to work counter to how most of us have worked before. We need to give ourselves the permission to not know where we're going or even what we're doing in order for our creativity to emerge.